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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at the BBC

This short note is to advertise a series of articles about Sherlock Holmes appearances on the radio and television stations of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The BBC was originally formed as the British Broadcasting Company in 1923 by a consortium of radio equipment manufacturers to produce broadcasts across Great Britain and Northern Ireland to improve sales of their equipment. Up until that point, the only broadcasts that could be received were from foreign stations plus a few home-based amateur broadcasters.

The first broadcast to reference Sherlock Holmes was in 1929 and was one of a short series of biographies of well-known real or imaginary figures. The third of these “Miniature Biographies” was of Dr Watson and from that point the BBC has produced many pioneering broadcasts featuring Holmes in one form or another.

This series of articles will chronicle Sherlock Holmes at the BBC and the first of these will deal with the broadcast of the biography of the Good Doctor.

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