The Oxford Sherlock Holmes

Setting aside for the moment the question of whether Holmes went to Oxford, or Cambridge, or both, the Oxford Sherlock Holmes has been my favourite “annotated” collection of my stories for many years.

The original set of nine volumes is now not available new but second hand copies are still around.

Some of the volumes were republished later as paperbacks but I have yet to secure all nine volumes in this format.  To further confuse matters, some of the volumes are available in Amazon Kindle format, but again are hard to track down as they are not all marked out as part of the actual Oxford Sherlock Holmes collection on Amazon – you have to scan through the sample pages looking for the required details.

To help, I have compiled the following list to help anyone trying to buy the set or add to their existing collection. But please take care if you order second-hand copies to stipulate that you require the Oxford Sherlock Holmes editions as these are the annotated versions. A well-meaning but unaware bookseller (I did once bump into a particularly wizened example whom I later discovered to be Holmes in disguise) may send you another version without the detailed notes.  Those that are available are listed below and the links lead to them in the Amazon catalogue with the ISBN for books and ASIN for Kindle versions.

If anyone can help me fill in the gaps above, the ISBNs or ASINs would suffice, then I would be most grateful. It is quite a little detective piece in its own right . . .


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  1. James O'Leary says:

    Thanks for the links. I missed the Oxford Sherlock Holmes when they were first published and they are currently very hard to find here in the States and expensive if found. As I am not a book collector but a read interested in the contents I have been able to find cheap copies in acceptable condition (shipping being the most costly factor).

  2. Mariel says:

    If I’m not mistaken, The Sign of Four, is included in Sherlock Holmes: Selected Stories (B00J7QE4GY).

    • John Watson says:

      Thank you for making me aware of this volume. Though it’s not part of the original Oxford Sherlock Holmes annotated series it does contain a useful chronology of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a bibliography and explanatory notes for the stories selected. These stories are SIGN, SCAN, IDEN, REDH, TWIS, BLUE, SPEC, MUSG, GREE, DANC, SIXN, LAST and, as you pointed out, is available for the Kindle.


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