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I had in mind to title this page “Pastiches” to indicate that they are works that imitate or satirise my own style.

Then I realised that, despite the travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name painted upon the lid that is crammed with records of cases to illustrate the curious problems which Holmes had at various times to deal with, I am not the only person privy to details of Holmes’s cases. He referred to “thousands of cases” that he had been involved in (in The Red-Headed League) but I have only a limited knowledge of what he was engaged upon before our meeting, during the “Great Hiatus”, and during the latter years when I was not always able to assist him.

These “other stories” fall into two main camps. First, there attempts by other authors to document the cases that I referred to in The Canon. A list of these may be the subject of a later News item.

The second, and much larger, category are cases of which I have no knowledge. Some of these involve parodies of myself and Holmes and are not always in the best of taste!

This whole group of “Other Stories” is being continually added to and others have tried to maintain an up to date list of them. Again, maybe a News item might consider the best of these lists at some point in the future.

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