Mrs Hudson’s Radio Show

“Behind every great man is an even greater woman, demanding rent.”


Mrs Hudson (Patricia Hodge)

Following the success of the book Mrs Hudson’s Diaries – A View from the Landing at 221B, the writers Barry and Bob Cryer, have brought Mrs Hudson on to the radio in her own series (well, two episodes, anyway).

As we have been reminded by the good lady many times, she is our landlady – not our housekeeper, and in the BBC Sherlock series, viewers were also reminded of Mrs Hudson’s standing. She has always been “an independent woman, who was taking advantage of the change in the law that allowed a widow to inherit her husband’s property for the first time” as Bob Cryer points out.

The writers suggest that the radio series may move to television.

Whilst the two episodes are available on the BBC I won’t review them here.

Episode 1 – Rare Medium [30:00]

When her tenant, a magician known as The Great Mysto, goes missing, Mrs Hudson is suddenly in urgent need of rent money and new lodgers. This half hour episode sees Mrs Hudson attempting to reclaim her lost money and encountering everything from crooked showgirls and Music Hall eccentrics to German strongmen and dodgy clairvoyants. Meanwhile, Mrs Hudson’s maid Martha (Ruth Bratt) has secretly advertised for new tenants and it’s not long before a doctor (Stephen Critchlow) and a consulting detective (Orlando Wells) come knocking. Time is not on her side as villainous Sir Charles Swift is ready to swoop and reclaim her house if she doesn’t pay her ground rent.

Episode 2 – Wild Geese [30:00]

In this second episode, a dead goose and a battered hat are found by Inspector Lestrade (Bob Cryer) lying in the middle of Baker Street. It’s not long before Mrs Hudson is leading her friends out into the night on a very silly seasonal adventure.

However, one thing you can be sure of, Sherlock Holmes (Orlando Wells) and Dr Watson (Stephen Critchlow) are never far away and usually ahead of the game. So come in from the cold, turn on the wireless and make a date with Mrs Hudson. But don’t forget to wipe your feet first.

Did I say it was a comedy?


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  1. Cory Howell says:

    Thanks for bringing this show to my attention! It’s a fun little bit of Sherlock-themed comedy, and I love Patricia Hodge. I gave your site a little “shout out” on my site, Baker Street Babble.

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