It is my business to know what other people don’t know [BLUE]

If you think that you do not know much about Sherlock Holmes then you are wrong. You know that he is a detective and possibly the most famous detective of all. You know that he’s English and maybe you think you know what he looks like. But if that is the extent of your knowledge then here is a book that may help to answer any questions about the singular gifts by which my friend Sherlock Holmes was distinguished.

For the moment I will have to concentrate on the version being released on Monday March 22nd in the USA.

Here in the UK we have to wait until April 2nd but by then I hope that the parts of the book that concentrate on North America will have been replaced by something more helpful to those based here! I hope to extend this review once I have a copy to hand.

The book follows the normal Dummies format. Each chapter is concentrates on a particular are of interest including:

  • the stories, their plots and characters
  • the influence of Holmes
  • films, television, pastiche and parody

Unlike other reference books produced over the years this book is organised to make it easy to find what you are looking for with a comprehensive index.

Of particular interest is a chapter on a “typical Sherlock Holmes story” which attempts to analyse the style of my writing into some sort of formula! There are also ten unsolved mysteries including “what colour was Holmes’s dressing gown?” and ten places to visit only one of which is in the USA!

While you’re waiting (in the UK) for the book, here’s a handy cheat sheet to help you remember the Canon.

There is a whole section on “The Good Doctor” which of course I will be carefully scrutinising!

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