Beekeeping for Beginners

It has always been very difficult to persuade Holmes to put pen to paper and relate his own stories. He always seems to prefer to complain about my romanticising of his investigations instead!

So it is quite a shock when I find that he has decided to put the record straight about his first encounter with Russell back in April 1915 when there was a darkness in his own mind that she, quite literally stumbling upon him, extinguished (how can you extinguish darkness?).

He did not realise the danger that was shadowing Russell in those dark months following his own little victory in August the previous year (His Last Bow).

He had, of course, moved to Sussex and taken our housekeeper Mrs Hudson with him away from the dangers of London, and I remember him telling me the story with laughter in his voice. This must have been only a few weeks after the actual meeting as it was shortly before that the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat and Holmes was concerned about my planned trip to America the following day.

It was therefore a while before I met the young lady who did so much to cheer up Holmes and keep him away from his darker moods and even darker practices.

But I am probably rambling on a little too much when you could read this exciting tale for yourself!

You can find this Kindle book here in the UK and here in the USA.

You can find out more about Russell here.


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  1. CO_Jeannie says:

    Darn. I’m going to have to break down and buy a Kindle. Have resisted it in favor of hard copy books that smell and feel like books and which keep publishers somewhat busy. Time to join the 21st century.

    • The Good Doctor says:

      You do not have to buy a Kindle – you can download the free Kindle app onto your PC, MAC or phone. But if you need an excuse to buy a Kindle this is a good one!


  2. CO_Jeannie says:

    Note on Amazon indicates that this Kindle edition is not available to U.S. customers.

    • The Good Doctor says:

      I have checked with Russell and provided you are using the USA link there should be no problem. You cannot, of course, use the UK link to order the book if you are in the USA.


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