A Chronology of the Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Chronology of the Life or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle May 22nd 1859 to July 7th 1930” is a detailed chronology of the life and times of my literary agent from the date of his birth to the date of his death and beyond.

This is a work of reference, and a magnificent work it is.

I cannot imagine how anyone writing about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could be without this comprehensive reference book. It would be of less use to a Sherlockian, except perhaps in checking the publication dates of the stories in their various forms.

Its over 200 pages of A4 size contain a wealth of information, including:

  • a family tree back to Sir Arthur’s Great Grandfather
  • a detailed list of events starting in 1794/5 with the birth of Marianne Conan, followed in 1797 by the birth of James Doyle his Great Grandfather up to January 29th 1998 when there was a memorial service for Dame Jean Conan Doyle, Sir Arthur’s daughter from his second marriage
  • some family photographs
  • a list of residences of Sir Arthur and family
  • a list of statues and plaques dedicated to Sir Arthur, Sherlock Holmes and others (including the only plaque dedicated to myself!)
  • a list of biographies and semi-biographical works
  • a chronological listing of the first and early appearances of Sir Arthur’s works
  • a list of prefaces, forewords, etc. by Sir Arthur
  • a list of references consulted and referred to by the author in compiling the chronology
  • a short note about the author
  • a comprehensive index

I would, therefore, recommend to any Doylean scholar for checking for the correct dates when writing about Sir Arthur.

We Sherlockians have our own chronologies to refer to including the Annotated Sherlock Holmes and, more recently the much more compact and affordable Eliminate the Impossible.

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