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Mastermind 1996

I have come across another time when Sherlock Holmes was a specialist subject on the BBC Mastermind.

In 1996, Roger Grimshaw, from Manchester managed to answer 18 of the following questions correctly, passing on the first.

    1. How was the dreadful business in the Abernetty case brought to Holmes’ attention?
    2. The yew alley at Baskerville Hall is believed to have been based on a similar yew alley at which of Conan Doyle’s old schools?
    3. Which case did Sherlock Holmes refer to as quite a three pipe problem?
    4. Who illustrated the Sherlock Holmes stories which appeared in The Strand Magazine?
    5. Who in real life, wrongly accused of the crime of cattle mutilation, did Conan Doyle help to clear?
    6. Where did Conan Doyle set up his first medical practice?
    7. Who, according to Sherlock Holmes, was ‘the woman’?
    8. Who did Sherlock Holmes refer to as ‘the fourth smartest and third most daring man in London’?
    9. In which case did Sherlock Holmes note the curious incident of the dog in the night-time?
    10. In ‘The Yellow Face’ what word did Holmes ask Watson to say to him to remind him of his failure?
    11. In ‘The Empty House’ who made the wax decoy bust of Holmes?
    12. What was the paper written by Moriarty which was said to be so complex that there was no man in the scientific press capable of critiquing it?
    13. Who In real life is Conan Doyle said to have based the methods of Sherlock Holmes on?
    14. What was Arthur Conan Doyle’s original christian name for Sherlock Holmes?
    15. In A Study in Scarlet who discovered the murder at Lauriston Gardens?
    16. In the confrontation with Moriarty described in ‘The Final Problem’, what item was placed by Holmes on top of the letter he left for Watson?
    17. In which battle was Watson wounded by a native bullet?
    18. Which other writer was present at the literary lunch when Conan Doyle was commissioned to write The Sign of the Four
    19. For which newspaper did Conan Doyle act briefly as a war correspondent during the Sudanese campaign?

Although Roger got 18 correct, he did not do so well in the round of General Knowledge questions but still came a creditable third place.

How well would you have done in that famous black chair?

Answers at a later date . . .

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