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Mastermind 2015

Once in a while, Sherlock Holmes appears as a specialist subject on the BBC’s Mastermind quiz. On the 11th of this month he cropped up again.

Here are the 13 questions:

  1. In A Study in Scarlet what word is written in red letters on the wall in the room in which the murder victim is found?
  2. What is the occupation of Victor Hatherley who comes to the attention of Sherlock Holmes after Dr Watson has treated him for a severe thumb injury?
  3. Violet Hunter, a governess at the country house called The Copper Beeches becomes concerned about her employer’s strange behaviour and comes to Holmes for help. In which county is The Copper Beeches?
  4. In The Man With The Twisted Lip Neville St Clair gives up his job as a journalist when he discovers by wearing a disguise he can earn more money doing what?
  5. After Holmes is proved wrong in The Yellow Face what word does he tell Watson to whisper in his ear if he ever seems over-confident in his own powers?
  6. The initials “VV” found on a card next to a dead body allow Holmes to identify the real name of the so-called “Valley of Fear” where Birdy Edwards infiltrated a dangerous gang to bring them to justice. What’s the name of the valley?
  7. In The Sign of the Four Dr Watson’s future wife Mary asks Holmes to investigate the disappearance of her father. What’s his surname?
  8. What object is stolen from Sir Henry Baskerville when he’s staying at a hotel and used by Stapleton to give the hound Sir Henry’s scent?
  9. Dr Watson diagnoses that Mr Jefferson Hope, the murderer of both Enoch Drebber and Joseph Stangerson has a specific heart condition by placing his hand on his chest. What condition?
  10. In The Solitary Cyclist Bob Carruthers tries to protect Violet Smith from a plot to force her into marrying a criminal. What does he wear to disguise his identity along with a dark suit and a cloth cap?
  11. In the climax of which short story are Holmes and Moriarty believed to have fought at the edge of the Reichenbach Falls and plunged to their deaths?
  12. What is the value of the Mazarin Stone, a yellow diamond, stolen by Count Negretto Sylvius?
  13. In The Six Napoleons Beppo has been smashing plaster busts of Napoleon because one of them contains what valuable object?

The contestant on this occasion correctly answered 10 of the 13 questions asked, got questions 11 and 12 wrong and passed on question 5 and unfortunately came last out of the four contestants after the general knowledge section.

How many would you have answered correctly? (Answers to follow at a later date.)

On a previous Celebrity Mastermind, Stephen Fry also answered 10 questions correctly.

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