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The Carleton Hobbs Sherlock Holmes Further Collection

Following on from the release of the first collection on six compact discs, this Sherlock Holmes Further Collection (BBC Audio) comprises six more compact discs with another twelve of my stories from the Canon with Carleton Hobbs as Holmes and Norman Shelley as me.

Each story is introduced by Nick Utechin, former editor of the Journal of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Recordings of four of the stories were supplied by Roger Johnson, also of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, as these were missing from the BBC Archives.

The packaging of this second set differs from the first. The six compact disks are stacked together on a spindle rather than in pairs in separate 2CD cases and this may result in some wear over time.

The sleeve notes are minimal (Nick Utechin’s introductions on the discs provide all the information you really need).

One quibble though. The track listings are incorrect. Someone has assumed that each disc contains 20 tracks and that each of the two stories on each disc takes up 10 tracks. This is not the case as my correct track listing below shows. I have also given the full broadcast date.


  • The Copper Beeches (Track 1 Introduction to the Collection, Tracks 2 Story introduction, Tracks 3 to 9 Story) broadcast 11th August 1959
  • Thor Bridge (Track 10 Introduction, Tracks 11 to 18 Story) broadcast 1st January 1962


  • The Sussex Vampire (Track 1 Introduction, Tracks 2 to 9 Story) broadcast 18th September 1964
  • The Three Garridebs  (Track 10 Introduction, Tracks 11 to 19 Story) broadcast 4th September 1964


  • The Three Gables (Track 1 Introduction, Tracks 2 to 10 Story) broadcast 2nd October 1964
  • The Retired Colourman  (Track 11 Introduction, Tracks 12 to 18 Story) broadcast 9th October 1964


  • The Boscombe Valley Mystery (Track 1 Introduction, Tracks 2 to 8 Story) broadcast 12th December 1966
  • The Crooked Man  (Track 9 Introduction, Tracks 10 to 16 Story) broadcast 19th December 1966


  • The Cardboard Box (Track 1 Introduction, Tracks 2 to 11 Story) broadcast 19th April 1960
  • A Case of Identity (Track 12 Introduction, Tracks 13 to 22 Story) broadcast 26th June 1969


  • The Naval Treaty (Track 1 Introduction, Tracks 2 to 19 Story) broadcast 22nd March 1960
  • The Noble Bachelor (Track 20 Introduction, Tracks 21 to 26 Story) broadcast 18th August 1959

As I usually transfer compact disks to iTunes I also noticed that the track listing have not been uploaded into Gracenote (where iTunes get its track information from) so there is no information downloaded into iTunes to identify each track other than the track number.

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