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The Lost and Forgotten Stories of Sherlock Holmes

In relating the details of the New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as released on CD and their orginal broadcasts on American radio, it is worth noting that amongst those written by Denis Green and Anthony Boucher, several of these broadcasts have been written up as stories and these stories can be found in two volumes.

The Lost Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Ken Greewald, includes the following stories. Greenwald mentions on the flyleaf that each story is based on an incident in one of my original stories and I have appended these to each title as the usual abbreviation. I have also given the Volume number if the story appears in the CD collection and the date of the orginal radio broadcast.

  • The Adventure of the Second Generation [SCAN, 17th December 1945, V2]
  • The April Fool’s Adventure [STUD, 1st April 1946, V1]
  • The Case of the Amateur Medicants [FIVE, 2nd April 1945, V1]
  • The Adventure of the Out-of-Date Murder [WIST, 9th September 1945, V2]
  • The Case of the Demon Barber [YELL,  28th January 1946, V1]
  • Murder Byond the Mountains [EMPT, 15th January 1946]
  • The Case of the Uneasy Easy Chair [MUSG, 13th May 1946, V1]
  • The Case of the Baconian Cipher [ SIGN, 27th May 1946]
  • The Adventure of the Headless Monk [DEVI, 15th April 1945, V1]
  • The Case of the Camberwell Poisoners [FIVE, 18th February 1946]
  • The Adventure of the Iron Box [SILV, 31st December 1945, V2]
  • The Case of the Girl with Gazelle [FINA, 25th May 1946, V1]
  • The Adventure of the Notorious Canary Trainer [WIST, 23rd April 1945]

The Forgotten Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by H Paul Jeffers,  includes the following stories.

Again I have the Volume number if the story appears in the CD collection (only the first two in this case) and the date of the orginal radio broadcast.

Where there is a link to the original stories I have mentioned these.

  • In Flanders Fields [14th May 1945, V2]
  • The Paradol Chamber [FIVE, 21st May 1945,V1]
  • The Accidental Murderess [26th November 1945]
  • The Adventure of the Blarney Stone [18th March 1946]
  • The Book of Tobit [26th March 1945]
  • The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes [20th May 1946]
  • The Adventure of the Stuttering Ghost [12th October 1946]
  • The Clue of the Hungry Cat [26th October 1946]
  • The Singular Affair of the Dying Schoolboys [9th November 1946]
  • The Adventure of the Sally Martin [23rd November 1946]
  • The Adventure of the Grand Old Man [21st December 1946]
  • The Darlington Substitution [SCAN, 4th January 1947]
  • The Adventure of Maltree Abbey [31st May 1947]

Both of the books are out of print but there are second-hand copies available at reasonable prices.

Most of these broadcasts are available from the Sherlock Holmes Adventures Podcast and elsewhere on the Internet.

It is interesting to compare these written stories with their radio counterparts. The authors of these collections  have done an excellent job, particulary Jeffers, in maintaining the style of my original stories.

On the fourth day of the New Year [FIVE]

As we enter 2011, I thought I would share with you my plans for the coming year.

I have several books to review. These include Mr Holmes and Dr Watson – Their Strangest Cases by Edith Meiser, The Official Papers Into The Matter Known As The Hound of the Baskervilles (DCC/1435/89 refers) by Kieron Freeburn, The Lost Stories of Sherlock Holmes edited by Tony Reynolds, a series of books by Molly Carr including The Sign of Fear, A Study In Crimson and In Search of Doctor Watson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and Devon, a tour guide by Brian Pugh, Paul Spiring and Sadru Bhanji. There is also the audiobook, The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries by John Taylor read by Benedict Cumberbatch that I have yet to review.

New books expected this year include Watson’s Afghan Adventure – How Sherlock Holmes’ Dr.Watson Became an Army Doctor due January 24th, Reasoning Backwards: Sherlock Holmes’ Guide to Effective Problem Solving due March 1st, The Sherlock Holmes School of Self-Defence: The Manly Art of Bartitsu: as Used Against Professor Moriarty, due April 27th, and The Strange Return of Sherlock Holmes due any day now.

Finally, in the books section, I will be looking at a series of children’s reading books based on the Sherlock Holmes stories from Lerner Books.

I have also received  a DVD of Robert Stephens in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The BBC Sherlock Holmes Collection (which includes Peter Cushing in A Study in Scarlet, The Boscombe Valley Mystery, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sign of Four and the Blue Carbuncle, Richard Roxburgh in another version of The Hound of the Baskervilles, Rupert Everett in The Case of the Silk Stocking, and Douglas Henshall in The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle) and Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes.

I plan to follow up the popular articles about Holmes on the radio (in the UK, parts 1 and 2, and in the USA, parts 1 and 2) with Holmes on television and on film.

We can expect a new series of BBC Sherlock in the autumn and a new Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes film at the end of the year.

So, all in all, it looks like a busy year for all those who admire the best and wisest man whom I have ever known.

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